Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 end of the year exclusive

-I'm interested in high-fashion and commercial modeling, which includes print, video and runway..
-I'm a goal oriented person, a fighter :) even if  fail i don't give up and always try to get better at the things that seem to be hard
-My personality :) I always treat people with respect  that I work with and try to do my best even if I feel at my worst
-I'm from Moldova, eastern Europe
-It was a dream since I was little and I just thought that I have to totally try it since it happened for me to be in such place as NYC  :)
-I adjust to the settings easily as I used to hard work and I'm good at communicating with people

-I think I fit because I heard it from a lot of people and I love to take care of my body and having a healthy life style. There's a lot of gorgeous girls in the business but you always have to feel that you have something special that others don't
-Work for big designers and travel the world
-All of my clients negotiate their requirements with my agency and I try to do my best to not disappoint them
-Fashion is a beautiful art that requires a lot of talent and hard work. My only dislike is may be that some girls start way too early which can harm them, it's a competitive world and it not always makes you feel beautiful and special. 

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