Monday, February 14, 2011

Monclear@Grand Central

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Monclear show@ Grand Central

Models I Shoot From the Monclear show
Good Job Guy
-Isaiah Duckson
-angel perez
- Lorenzo Holder
-Brandon Washington
-Model Donald Carmichael
- Davon Brown
-Dashaun Wesley Williams
-Carlos N. Basora

The Monclear show had to be the most touching show I attended during the entire fashion week . As a photographer, models come in and out the studio. With dreams of being a model and inspiring to go that extra leap and length. As a photographer, I document these guys adventure through my lens. The monclear show touched me on the basis, I shot 6 guys from the show and knew a another handful. It feels good to be at a show, where you can see the models you shoot actually working in da fashion world. I am so PROUD

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Me and Dwight Eubanks (atlanta housewives)

New York Fashion Week 2011
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